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    Saif Ul Malook Full Book

    See the Best Books of the Month Looking for something great to read? Browse our editors' picks for the best books of the month in fiction, nonfiction, mysteries. hero of the epic Saif-ul-Malook and Redcross Knight, hero of the first book of . possessing the entire superman attributes (as allegorical figures represent the. Saiful Maluk & Badiul Jamal Vol A selection from Saiful Malook We are publishing books of our Sufi saints which are in Punjabi, English, Urdu and.

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    His major work is Saif-ul-Malook. The prince Saif-ul-Malook was the main character of Safar-ul-Ishq who started his journey of love from the land of Egypt. His aim was to win the princess Badi-ul-Jamal of Kohkaaf, Russia. This book contains total of 32 verses consisting of verses in name of Hazrat Mian Muhammad Bakhsh and verses containing errors.

    We wish that Punjabi, which is the language of Million people and which stands at number 9 in the list of the major languages spoken on the globe, must be given proper place in our day to day life. It would certainly help Punjabis to live honourably just like our Sindhi, Balochi, Pashtun and Urdu speaking brothers who love their mother tongues so we Punjabis should also learn from them such natural love and should start respecting their mother tongue too.

    The prices are near to cost.

    No doubt, Sindh government is doing a lot in this regard already. Home Books About Contact. Topic Original Book. Topic Story book for children age group 8 to Great Sufi Wisdom. Topic A selection from Saiful Malook translated into English.

    Topic Introduction and Background of a great poet and his work. Chonvaan Kalaam Saiful Malook. Topic Selected verses from Saiful Malook. Zameema Jawahir. Topic Introduction and Background. Tin Daahey, Tin Yakkey. Topic Mystic Stories. Qissa Saif Malookay wala is karan hun kehna Language in India www. I invoke the Divine providence of courage as Muse who will make me write the tale successfully.

    Saif-Malook ander Rab paya buhta asar danai Tez tabiat, hosh wadiat,fehm aqal, chitrai.

    He was wise, agile, mentally alert and active. Saif Malook shehzaday ja oh moorat waikhi sari Lagi aag , hoya dil ander tap ke wang angari Achan chait gian khul akhin, maray ishq naqaray Laiy hathiyar, latha mal thanay, kot aqal de maray.

    Saif-Ul-Malook: Mian Mohammad Baksh: Books

    Love blew the trumpet to fight a duel with reason to the extent that all the visible doors of his fragile and misleading brain got closed and the hidden oriels of his soul leading to Divine Reality were opened at once. Ashiq da jo daru dasay bajh milap sajan de Oh siana jan aiana, rog na janay mun de Manday mun de rog Muhammad, manday nahin dawawan Baid hovay jo dilber taain, baidan kholh sunawan.

    He can be considered imbecile not knowing the predicament of the soul. The ailment of the heart and soul are worst in a sense that no nostrum can reach them. The only cure is the union Language in India www. Aih haqeeqat sun shehzada karda shukar baichara Aisay dunia utay wasda kidhray yar piara Dais ba daisi phirda rehsan ja tak hog hayati Mat sabab banasi mola,labhsi dast kharati. Buksh, P. He intended to wander from place to place in pursuit of the fairy, might be, God Almighty endows him with the sweet reward of his pursuit.

    Daihu ijazat mainu babul aihu khahish mairi Safar karan us soorat karan, katan ranj ghanairi Kohistanan te Kohkafan,hor samander tapoo Apun aihin jahin loran, ja ja hovay qaboo. Like Superman he intends to wander in alien lands and undergo trials and sufferings on high mountains, in fairylands and into fathomless oceans.

    He will perform difficult tasks as Superman and reach the places where none can. Khawbay ander nazri aius soorat moorat wali Kaih kujh sift sunawan usdi sharah bianu ali Saif Malookay khawabay ander pala usda pharia Ratu ro nimana ashiq pairan ooper jharya. She was looking so charming that it beggared all description. Saif-ulMalook, in the dream, approached the fairy bewailing and weeping blood, fell upon her feet.

    Language in India www. I myself am infatuated by you and my love is more powerful than yours, so, I came in your dream to invite you and tell you the way to reach me. She told that the prince would never be able to reach the destination over land.

    Land is symbolical of barren frame of man which leads nowhere unless it is watered by the spiritual love and lighted by the Divine illumination. The fairy advised the prince to travel by sea. The wave of the sea can be taken for the wave of unfathomable love, O, Muhammad Buksh, which makes a man indifferent to everything under the sun.

    The stream in which to sail the boat, said the fairy, was actually the stream of this fragile life. After some distance in the stream there comes the sea of eternal life and Divine love.

    This sea will lead the prince into a new direction when he leaves the stream of this fragile life. The boat will break into pieces as it is destined to quit during the journey of soul towards the eternal reality. The prince in this epic stands for soul. The stream sea to sail in, to find out the fairy is the stream of eternal love and the broken vessel during the journey stands for the breakage of corporal frame of man. Only then one can embrace the lover or the eternal Truth when he breaks fragile body -links with this world of misleading happenings.

    Main maqsood apnay da bhukha,har har jai loran Ja ja oh maqsood na milsi, safrun mukh na moran Sabh jazeeray tapu phirsan, kohkafan te pani Language in India www. I will never stop wandering until reach my destination, The Eternal Truth or The fairy in symbolical connotations. The prince says to himself that he will search every island and oasis even the fairyland where human beings cannot reach but that he can as he possesses certain superman qualities.

    He pledged to himself that he would continue to search the fairy till his last gasp. Either he will find her or lose his life. Hik, hik bander aida aida waikhdian dil darda Saray banday ghair liunay, jan na dainday harda Qaid hoya shehzada othay, kujh na chalda chara Na oh maray jawin saray, na howay chutkara Lai turay shehzaday tain, nalay ohdian nafran Ashiq banna sukhla nahin, waikh ishqay dian safran.

    Every ape was horribly gigantic. The apes captured every person accompanying the prince and the prince himself got imprisoned there. The prince felt helpless as neither they could be easily killed nor they let the prince go.

    So it is evident that the Divine love and pursuit is not an easy task. It puts the man in endless trials before the acquisition. Bahut museebat seh ke latha us kohkaf buray tu Agun sakht ujarin aya,khus bharay te raitu Maiway khanda, pani peenda, karda yad ilahi Na koi shehr, giran na adam, na milda koi rahhi.

    He endured every suffering all alone in that wilderness where there was Language in India www. There was no city or village in the vicinity and no human being but for himself. He, even, did not see any traveler there. The prince, however, because of Divine illumination, was provided with every necessity of life.

    Saif ul Malook

    He used to eat dry fruit and drink heavenly water to feed his body. Divine love, pursuit and remembrance of Divine Reality which dwelled in his heart, however, served as the food for his soul.

    Jis dil ander ishq samana, us nahin phir jana Toray sohnay Milan hazaran, nahin yar watana Loha, pathar maqnateesay uth milda kr dhai Moti, heeray waikh na uthda, qeemat, rang, safai Jis sar ,sir ishq da othay shehwat mool na wasdi Jis dil hub sajan di us vich hub nahin har kas di Ag na saray kakh jinhan te Rehmat badly wasdi Ainwain sidq na har Muhammad waikh tabiat hasdi.

    As love does not change its axis in any situation so the Divine lover cannot replace his beloved uninfluenced by external charms.

    Charms strikes the sight but merit wins the soul and Divine love is the merit of selected ones. External charms do not affect the internal reality as magnet clings to the iron irrespective of its worthlessness. It does not cling to the bright and precious jewel like diamond.

    Iron is the craze of magnet same as the beloved reality is the craze of Divine lover. Where there is spiritual love, nor is there lust so the heart in which dwells Divine love, gets indifferent to everyone else. Even fire cannot burn those straws upon which rains the cloud of Divinity, so, Muhammad Buksh!

    Bahut hoya lachar shehzada, taqat zor na reeha Tangi, talkhi aisi, jaisi jan kandan din jeeha Karay irada aih shehzada,maran pait katari Ais talkhi de sakht azabun chutay jind baichari Language in India www. Lakh museebat jhag na milya, aj milay bin marsan.

    Kalam Saif ul Malook punjabi

    Aqal kahay kiun kamla hoyoun? Itni sakhti agay jhalya, koi din hor langhain. Nafs kahay hun kithun milsi, na koi das sanaiha Aas hondi das pondi jis di, aiwain jaran kaweeha Aqal kahay aih kam ashiq da ishqun bas na karni La kay bazi, baiandazi, orik war na harni.

    He thought that death could rid himself of that pitiable plight. The prince decides to die but his Insight soul pleads that the prince should be sane enough not to do so. Those whose love is divine one, never shun hope till their last gasp. Sight body of the prince answers that it is in hurry to get rid of the miserable condition. How long more it should bear the brunt?


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