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Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page (Download) Old NCERT PDF: Ancient India by R. S. Sharma. Table of Contents: Foreword; Preface to the First Edition; Author's Acknowledgements. Click Here to download India's Ancient Past By Pdf Click Here to Like our Facebook page for latest updates and free ebooks.

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Ancient India Ncert Prof.r.s.sharma Pdf

Ancient India R S Sharma Pdf · Download Old NCERT · Click Here To Download. Ancient India R S Sharma Pdf Download Old NCERT. NCERT, Book, History. Ancient India R S Sharma Pdf Download Old NCERT NCERT, Book, History,. WhatsApp. Print Friendly Version of this page Print Get a PDF. The NCERT had entrusted the lesponsibility of preparing courses and textbooks in This volume covers the syllabus in ancient Indian history for the Higher.

Ingalls, Sr. Shrimali , New Delhi, Manohar, , p. Journal of Bihar Research Society Dr. Philips , Clarendon Press, Oxford, , pp. Grolier's International Encyclopedia, New York, Ganguli, Asia Publishing House, Bombay,

If the "eminent historians" have suddenly discovered about certain facts being wrong that deserve to be in the "Index of Errors" then why was it not done for the books ofRomila Thapar and R. Sharma which are in circulation for 40 years and 25 years respectively and contain the same statements as the current books written by me, the statements on which our "eminent historians" have objections.

If Habib and laiswal do not know as to what has been written by Thapar and Sharma, then not only it shows their pathetic state of knowledge about the subject but also shows that our "eminent historians" not only do not read what ordinary mortals write but do not read what even Thapar and Sharma who are considered more eminent among the "eminent historians" write.

And if the idea is to attack Thapar and Sharma's writings under the cover of current NCERT books, then my request to Habib, laiswal and Mukherjee is to take upon Thaparand Sharma openly and directly, like Ramvilas Sharma did against Rahul Sankrityayana, rather than doing it from under the cover.

I feel extremely sad for the Indian History Congress and it's Executive.

I am unable India and the World 3 to understand the reason for its approval to such a pathetic and outrightly political pamphlet in the name of History. Have the 23 "eminent historians", constituting the Executive Committee of the h1dian History Congress, lost the touch from such elementary facts of history as Ashokan Edicts, Mandsor inscription, Purusa sukta of Rig Veda, Vamashramadharma and the writings of their former illustrious colleagues like Romila Thapar and R.

Or else, they have lost all self-respect and surrendered not only their knowledge about history but also their rights as Executive Committee members of the Indian History Congress to the Stalinism of Irfan Habib? Be it as it is. In the reply to this Index of Errors I have quoted extensively from the writings ofR. Sharma and Romila Thapar, I repeat, not because I agree with their approach and ideology of writings but just to show that whatever little justice they have done to ancient India, in the face of hard evidence, the Stalinists want to do away even with that.

Stalinist like Habib, laiswal and Mukherjee think that a little respect, though not always, to the evidence shown by their seniors is of no use for the revolution. For them the establishment of Stalinism is the main goal, even if they have to bury all the ethics of history writings, even ifthey have to bury all the existing evidences, and even ifthey have to bury all that has been written by their own senior colleagues.

Indeed a leaf from Lenin, Stalin and Mao's writings and practices. While preparing the Index of Errors, the Indian History Congress forgot that so far no book has been written by any human being which does not have some printing mistake, typing mistake, omission and commissions. Irfan Habib's A tlas of Mughal Empire was first published in When it was reprinted in with "Corrections". Habib himself supplemented the volume with a section of errata listing more than mistakes of printing, typing, omissions and commis'sions, but no one called him 'Woolly headed' , 'Illiterate', 'Ignorant', 'Absurd?

What has surprised us the most is the language which has made it into an 'Index of Abuses' rather than Index of Errors. The Indian History Congress allowed this language to be printed.

Pointing out mistakes because of concern for correct history by "Eminent Historians" does not seem to be the reason for printing this monograph. Quite sometime back I had pointed out a large number of factual mistakes in the history book of West Bengal but the Indian 4 Fallacies in the IHC RepOlt History Congress and the "Eminent Historians" as well as other pal bearers of history have maintained a stony silence over it.

The reason can be best expl! However, their practices, their methods, their approach and their craft is known to all. But I feel very sad for an organisation like the Indian History Congress which was established in and had amongst its members scholarslike Sir Safat Ahmad Khan, R.

Majumdar, D. Sircar, R.

India's Ancient Past By R.S .Sharma Pdf Download

Mukherjee, P. Kane, K. Nilakantha Sastri, T.

Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only Class 11 — Ancient Indian History by R. Rohitash Yadav.

ancient india by ram sharan sharma ncert pdf - Find PDF Files

Ancient India Class 11 old ncert. Uploaded by. Jilu Easow Raju.

India's Struggle for Independence - Bipin Chandra. Hi, UPSC being the unpredictable public service commission, one cannot handpick the chapters that too with ncerts.

Ancient India RS Sharma NCERT

Had it been market-authored books you can This book presents a complete and accessible description of the history of early India. It starts by discussing the Also published in Debiprasad Chattopadhyaya , ed. Later published in S.

Bose , ed. Gyanchand Also in IHR, Vol. IV, No. XX, No. Sharma, Ajanta Book International, Delhi, , pp. XIII, Nos.

Ancient India R S Sharma Pdf Download Old NCERT

XVI, Nos. Dutt, Barauni , Herrmann and E. Robert Layton , Peter J. Stone and Julian Thomas , Routledge, London, , pp. Gupta ed.

Jha , ed. Sources of Hindu Dharma by A. Yuga Purana by D.


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